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Speaker | Host | COACH | Social entre​preneur

Activate the Next Level In You

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Activate Your Audience

National Speaker, Trainer, Sales & Marketing Strategist and Social Entrepreneur, Melissa D. White's message of transformation during activation will surely resonate and put a spark into your audiences. Click below to see featured speaking topics and book today.

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The "Activation Hour" 

Radio Show

Listen Live and Get Activated! The "Activation Hour" is a weekly live broadcast hosted by Melissa D. White to highlight people activating their purpose in the marketplace.

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Coaching &Consulting Services

Melissa D. White is a Certified Life Coach Specializing in Purpose Activation & Income Maximization.  She uses her gift of  helping others identify their purpose and over a decade of experience in sales and marketing to identify strategies to monetize your purpose. 

 Let's connect to to activate growth in your business and recharge your teams to deliver their best performance.  

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The Host

"She truly came to activate the atmosphere at the She Builds Women's Conference! Her message, delivery and presence is authentic, direct, and it set the tone for a powerful conference!"

Rachel Senior

Pastor/Coach/Advocate/Song Writer

Founder of the 

She Builds Women's Conference

The Speaker

Melissa was a dynamic addition to the "It's My Season" Women's Mixer! Not only did she speak, but she involved an interactive presentation to help guests visualize her key points. The spirit of her ministry was definitely impactful to all in attendance and I would love to have her speak again soon at one of our events!

Lillie Mae


Lillie Mae PR &

The Coach

"I had a wonderful coaching series for my business with The Activator, Melissa D. White! As I shared about what I wanted to accomplish, she listened intently... By the end of the coaching and consultation, Melissa not only helped me be clear about my purpose, she shared a summary and tagline that captured My Brand - Perfectly!" 

Coach Jacole Todd 

Coach/Author Jacole Todd

"The H.R. Specialist" 

About Melissa D.- The "Activator"

Give yourself permission to Activate! Melissa D. White, coined "The Activator" by her clients and audiences is a dynamo trainer with over a decade of experience activating the masses into their best in sales, marketing and personal development. As a master trainer and coach, she knows a thing or two about overcoming the personal struggle to live beyond the you of today and the best possible YOU!